AVIV of Arizona is dedicated to fulfilling the religious and social needs of the Lesbian, Gay. Bisexual, and Transgender Jewish community of Greater Phoenix, Arizona. We are the first and only organization devoted to this goal in the Greater Phoenix area.

At AVIV of Arizona, our doors are open to all people (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, in-between and unaffiliated). We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for social and religious gatherings, providing a balance of both for members and guests.

We hold Friday evening Shabbat services once per month. High Holiday services are also held each year. Our services are conducted by a Rabbi, Cantor or members of AVIV of Arizona (please let us know if you are interested in leading services).

Recent social activities have included an evening happy hour, a bowling event and games night; a few of our most popular events include our annual Passover Seder and Hanukkah party.

We're always open to new members and new ideas. Shabbat services will be held at Temple Chai and the Arizona Jewish Historical Society. 

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